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And  GonkaladevT, the second wife of that Pinnaya, the
best of kings, gave birth to the hero, Somideva, the moon to
the ocean, that is, the Lunar dynasty.

Somideva's achievements :

That preserver of the Lunar race who had the good
fortune of Indra, having carried on a famous campaign with
great energy, scaled, on a single day, the walls of seven forts,
viz,, the impregnable Mosalimadugu, the famous Satanikota,
the renowned Kaiidanavolu, the strong Kalvakolaiiu, the
marvellous Racur, that Etagiri, and the incomparable
Ganginenikonda, That magnificent crest-jewel of the kings,
who had the title of : the destroyer of the fourteen forts ',
scaled the walls of Granginenikonda, with great boldness ; and
causing consternation to the enemies who opposed him, he cut
off the hands and the feet of the unapproachable Gujjala
Ylrnieni, Adabala Annu, Rudrappa Nayaka, the famous
Gaurareddi and Gtangi Nayaka ; and had their bodies tied to
file pillars of the eastern gate. Having made a determined
attack upon the fort of ManigiUa, he captured it ; and as he
Iras the punisher of the hostile kings, he beheaded the Grosangi
'sbieffr and offered his head as an oblation to the god Bhairava
who presided over the tank in front of that city. Moreover,
be caused much dread in battle to the Mussalman Muhammad;
M*d when, being frightened, the latter named (his) son after
the victor, he dispelled all his fear, and offered him protection.
Bte also distributed iu that place sis thousand horses among
people who asked for them.

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The paramahamM-parivrajakacfirya, the preceptor of the
ia, SankarScarya, defeated Mandana MiSra in the course
rf an oral discussion. He composed a poem called the
4*ani*ar and established the Goddess, Sarada, on a throne
b the city of Sirngapura. He took Padapadma<*arya